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and bespoke digital experiences
Always with people in mind
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10+ years freelance experience

6+ years full-time agency contracts


My capabilities
Digital Design / Art Direction
Logo & Branding
UI/UX Design
Sustainable Web Design
Ecommerce Design
Motion Design
Design Audit
UX Analysis & Audit
Low-code Wordpress Development
Email Design & Development
Partner services
Brand & Campaign Creative Strategy
Influencer Marketing
Custom WordPress Development
Advanced Web Development
Android / iOS App Development
Magento 2 Development
PARTNER services are provided by trusted individuals AND agencies. I coordinate the whole process and communicate with them.

About me

I am an independent, passionate designer who believes that beautifully crafted, human-oriented design plays a crucial role in the success of every brand and product.

Since 2012, I've been working hand-in-hand with my clients and a handful of skilled associates to develop fine-tuned digital experiences that do their job.

And I'm just getting started.


I'll leave a good mark.

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+48 884 855
Based in Warsaw, Poland

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Consultancy / MENTORING
Contact me (it's free!)
Simple works
Available in 2-3 weeks
Complex projects
Available in 2-3 months
Full-Time contract
Available in 1/2Q 2023
Unfortunately, there's nothing more...
If you are intrigued by my design, but are not yet convinced, get back to me.
We will determine together if I can help you.


NOTE: These are typical rates for high-end deliveries. I take an individual approach to each quote. If you don't have such a budget, but are very keen on working with me, get in touch - maybe we can come up with a different approach.
LOGO Includes basic brand book
1.000 – 2.000 EUR
1 – 2 MONTHS
2.000 – 15.000 EUR
2 – 12 MONTHS
1.500 – 6.000 EUR
2 – 4 MONTHS
3.500 – 12.000 EUR
3 – 6 MONTHS
3.500 – 20.000 EUR
3 – 12 MONTHS
UX/UI AUDIT Expert & heuristic evaluation
1.000 – 3.000 EUR
1 – 3 MONTHS
HOURLY RATE Only for large non-branding projects

50 EUR

Source files are not included in base price.