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I'm a Product Discovery & Design Manager, currently working in a Polish digital advertising agency / technology group. I have over 10 years of experience freelancing in digital design and almost 7 years of agency experience.

I'm self-taught. I’ve been learning to design since the age of 12, and working commercially continuously since I was 16. I continue to develop my skills through various books, courses, and trying new things.


  • Leading UI skills
    • Senior level; I aspire to be among the world's best in a few years,
    • I mainly do web design; I would like to do app and product design more (and I’m capable of that),
    • I love creating consistent design systems, and I pay a lot of attention to detail,
    • Expert in Adobe XD, I'm switching to Figma,
    • Interaction design, animations, prototyping, responsiveness/mobile, multiple styles,
    • Developer hand-off, implementation verification, and detailed notes for developers,
  • UX skills:
    • I make sure every design element is there for an important reason, and I can explain why to the stakeholders,
    • I look both at the whole user flow and at individual interactions, to see whether they make sense;
    • I have done UX audits of websites,
    • I know UX principles, as well as cognitive psychology; I know how to design to achieve desired impact on the user,
  • Business & Discovery skills:
    • Doing Discovery talks with client; finding out what he wants, and then looking deeper to check why he wants it and if it makes sense; maybe something different would be beneficial for him,
    • I always try to understand the business and practical aspects,
    • I have no problem talking to stakeholders, guiding them, and taking care of the relationship,
    • My work helps achieve business results - confirmed by my clients,
  • Branding & Visual skills:
    • I can design high quality, bespoke brands, logos; print&digital,
    • Strategy-based design, strategy discussions with client,
    • Knowledge of Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign),
    • Basic animation skills (PremierePro, After Effects),
  • IT / Technical skills:
    • I'm an internet nerd and power user, I understand IT pretty well,
    • Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, JS, programming in general,
    • Knowledge of Wordpress and low-code Wordpress (Oxygen) development (I did this website myself from scratch*),
    • I have no problem talking to the developers, and I already think about the technical aspects from the beginning of each project; this helped the teams with which I was working avoid many problems,
  • Management, Team & Communication skills
    • I can work independently and organise what I need, but I also love working with other experts,
    • I love sharing knowledge and giving tips to junior designers, and in the future I would like to spend more time mentoring others,
    • Basic management skills (project management & documentation, development coordination),
    • Advanced (B2) English.

A word about my portfolio

I have only done commercial projects for the last few years; they are designed for specific audiences' needs and affected by client decisions, budgets, and pace of work. As a result, they are not at the visual level you may know from pretty dribbble shots*; they were designed to perform well for businesses rather than on social media. Due to the volume of work, I also did not have time to describe the process in the portfolio or make a pretty presentation; there are only flat designs, but I will be happy to tell more about it if needed.

Let's do something awesome!